Sunday, October 23, 2011

Weekend Catch Up-10/23

Ask me if this has been a long, hectic, all-out-of-sorts week......yep, it most definitely has been. Let's recap:
MONDAY- the carpenter shows up mid-afternoon to start the repair {note I say repair as this will be important later} on the soft place in our bathroom the time he left, both the toilet and the sink were sitting in the middle of the kitchen floor. :O( What started as a simple floor "repair" turned into a complete redo! Peter took his Mom to the doctor, Mom came over to help me finish some odds & ends in the room I'm redoing. Nathan had volleyball practice tonight for the tournament this weekend.
TUESDAY- carpenter comes over to start the "repair", and after peeling away the old linoleum and top layer of sub floor, he finds more water damage........which led to ripping out the entire bathroom floor. Mom had us over for dinner {which was the best part of the whole week!!}, then we went to the Hi-Y's Haunted Trail. The weather was gorgeous today, a perfect fall day!
WEDNESDAY- it rained all day....carpenter working in bathroom....slow, but sure.....Mom cooked another awesome meal for us today.....did I mention that this is the highlight of the week? Nathan had practice and then movie night at youth group. They had pizza & watched Soul Surfer. What an inspiring movie, if you haven't seen it yet, please give it a try.
THURSDAY- today was very blustery!! Peter took Nathan to the orthodontist. Braces still not off, they gave him another 6 weeks. Oh well, she's not taking them off until they are perfect, right? Carpenter here today, floor finally in.....slow, but sure! Highlight of the day.....chicken & dumplings at Mom's! Yummy!!! Nathan had practice again tonight.
FRIDAY- will this carpenter ever finish???????????????????? I distracted myself today by fall cleaning our bedroom minus the closet which I'll get to next week. Volleyball tournament tonight- Nathan's team ended up 1-2.

SATURDAY- is the end in sight????? If I could just get the toilet out of the kitchen! I did a few things around the house, did laundry, made peanut butter candy for the tournament, just tried to stay busy so that my nerves didn't get the best of me. Dinner at Mom's....lasagna {again, yummy!} then time to head to the gym for volleyball games. Bathroom pretty much put back together. I left Peter helping carpenter at 6 p.m., since Nathan's game was first and he wanted at least one of us there. Peter showed up around 7 p.m.......the job was complete! :O) We enjoyed the rest of the night watching the games. Nathan's team was eliminated, but he had a great weekend playing volleyball and being with his friends. I came home after the games and started cleaning up the bathroom, starting with the tub....I couldn't wait to get a hot bubble bath! I'll share more pictures of our completed bathroom soon!!

SUNDAY - I woke up to Peter cooking breakfast. Now I don't think I've mentioned this before, but Peter never cooks. I have always dreamed that one day he would become interested in cooking, and finally, after 28 years of marriage, his interest has finally sparked! He has cooked breakfast the past few Sundays {which I absolutely LOVE} and we have been talking about maybe the three of us cooking together once a week, I think the kitchen is a great place to spend time together don't you? After Sunday school & church, we settled in for our day of football. The Bears beat the Bucs 24-18.
We did some ribs on the grill for dinner. Talked with Logan, who is back at work. He's been on anchor since he got on the boat Weds. He is so ready to get moving! The upcoming week looks really busy with lots of Halloween parties and more fall cleaning for me to get done. Peter and I are hoping to go away for a few nights soon-a much needed get away!


Anonymous said...

Oh dear! That bathroom story is pretty much a home repair nightmare! Glad it's over with and fixed now. Sounds like a full week for least you had some delicious meals:-)

Susan said...

Yes, it definitely made for a stressfull week, but at least it looks great now! And is there anything like a Mom's cooking? I'm a little sad about that part ending! LOL

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