Friday, October 21, 2011

5Q Friday-10/21

1. Where do you escape to when you've had enough? A hot bubble bath always does the trick!
2. What shows are you watching this fall? Parenthood, Two & a Half Men, Mike & Molly, & Private Practice.
3. What was the longest road trip you've ever taken and where did you go?
Virginia to Florida.....about 17 hours! We've driven to Disney World 3 times.

we're almost there......:O)we're here!!!!!! :O)
4. Do you plan on taking your kids to Disney World? We've been to Disney World 4 times {once before kids with another couple-1987, once with just Nathan-2008, once with both of the boys-2010, and Peter & I took a just the 2 of us trip this past Feb.} We have our next trip planned for January 2012-Peter, Nathan, & myself {more on our plans later}. I hope we can take many more trips to's our favorite place to vacation!
5. What is something people would surprised to know about you? That I can't type.....I confess that I am a one finger typist...LOL! But I can type really fast...:O) Learning how to type is on my bucket list!!!


Anonymous said...

I can't believe you type with one finger! Only because you do so much typing though...usually one finger typers don't have blogs! Or maybe they would I know? LOL

Susan said...

I almost didn't admit it...LOL I'm sure I am in the minority of one finger typing bloggers!! :O)

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