Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Welcome Spring!

I love Spring!.....and not because I just happen to be born on the first day of Spring (although the year I was born there was a snowstorm going on!! ) I love that everything starts turning green, the trees start to bud, and the flowers begin to bloom. I love all the pastel colors....the pinks, lilacs, blues, & yellows. I especially love the warmer weather. After the long, cold winter Spring is always a welcome sight. My Lilac bush - I planted this under my kitchen window. It started from a clipping my neighbor gave me (thanks Miss Mona!). I love it when you get those really warm days when you can raise the windows up...the smell from the lilac bush is wonderful. I needed something spring-y for the front door, so I headed over to Michael's to get some supplies. Less than $10 later, I had this beautiful wreath!! Flags - can you ever have enough of them? I love this daisy monogram flag! The tree in our front yard is budding. It's the most beautiful shade of purple. I'll try to get a picture later after it's fully bloomed. On the backdoor, I hung this cute metal bunny! This ceremic bunny is very special to me. My Mom-Mom Annie gave it to me when I was a little girl. I put it out every year, it always brings back so many wonderful memories of her. She enjoyed holidays so much, and would get as excited about your birthday or Christmas as we kids did . I must have gotten my love for all special occasions from her, I love to shop for just the right gift (no matter how big or small it might be) just like she did. I love to wrap gifts just like she did (although she was known to use the entire roll of tape on one package!!!) I love to watch others open their gifts (just like she did), and I've been known to open my gifts, take a peek, and rewrap them....just like she did (she could never wait!!). She was such a sweet person, quiet and gentle, easy going, loving, and thoughtful. She truly lived everyday what a Christian woman should be. She made such a lasting impression on me and was a huge influence in my life. I love and miss her so much!


Becca said...

Your photos are beautiful! Oh, how I'm dreaming of a little spring!!! It just won't stop raining in the Pacific Northwest.


Courtney ~ French Country Cottage said...

Love your pretty Spring photos and your wreath looks very charming on your front door! Thanks so much for sharing at FNF! Hope you'll come back and share again soon! :)

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