Friday, July 14, 2017

photo dump friday: JUNE

I am so far behind on my photo dumps, so please excuse the major picture overload!!!

JUNE 2017
Kamry turns 14 months old!

first beach day
she loved the beach!

didn't like her feet touching the sand....:O)
coming home....


Kamry wasn't an ice cream fan until.....
chocolate!!! <3

lots of beach & pool days....
Kamry loves the beach just like her momma--she even naps there!

sometimes Allie gets the pen....Kamry gets the house LOLOL

~Chesapeake Dairy Farm~


out to dinner....

Zach's last game....

1st Ocean City Day!!
The whole day with mommy & daddy in O.C. 
--Thrashers, pizza, rides with Dad, carousel with Mom, Dad won me a stuffed toy, 
and bought me my first pair of Crocs! :O) FUN DAY!!!

the park...

standing alone....


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