Friday, July 21, 2017

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{outside my window}

sunny & HOTTTTTT
Today it hit the mid-90's with a heat index of 103!!! 
Even with the heat, I have actually LOVED summer this year!!! 
I work pretty much every day, but thanks to my new housekeeper, Tina, and adding hostessing to my work schedule while Peter is gone, my job has been wayyy more fun and I've been happier at work this summer!
When you work in the tourist business, summertime is just work, work, work, and no time to enjoy all the fun things summer has to offer. I'm trying to learn to make more time for fun, friends, and family every chance I get. I also don't love this heat, but I haven't even minded that as much this year (although a/c is my best friend!!!). We really enjoy our Summer Bucket List! At least we fit in a few fun things!

Here's a look outside my window at work while making beds in one of the guest rooms....

Logan sent pics from his work view yesterday (from the GULF)..nothing but water any way you look....these views will take your breath away!!!!

{current status}
feeling grateful....

my usual summer go-to....capris & a tee

{in the kitchen}

Trying out Martha & Marley Spoon subscription meal box this week. I made the Shrimp Tortilla Soup on Wednesday and the Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad today. YUMMMM!! 

Latest recipe/review coming up!

{what's on tv}


Coming SEPTEMBER 26th.....SEASON 2 of THIS IS US!!!!

Clever and Entertaining New Show.

{favorite quote of the week}

Show those lemons what you’re made of.

{from the Pinterest board}

I would love to make one of these DIY growth charts for both of the grandbabies!!

DIY Growth ruler for kids! Such a fun way to keep track of children's height.

A modern, rustic growth chart ruler is the perfect accessory to any childs room. Track your childs height as they grow by using a sharpie or paint pen. No more painting over wall marks or leaving marks behind when you move! Growth chart stands 6 ft tall, though measurement starts at 8 inches to accommodate being hung above a standard size baseboard. Makes a great baby shower gift! Item is shown in Special Walnut, but can be made a shade darker in Dark Walnut also. Numbers are 3 dimensional...DIY giant ruler growth chart!

$5 + 30 Minute Wooden Growth Chart

{one of my favorite things}

a crab melt from Four Brothers!!!! yummmm

7/04 - Happy 4th!!! **
7/12 - crew change [go back]
7/17 - Lindsey's Birthday!!
4 days - 7/26 - crew change [home] :O)

14 days - 8/05 - Kayla graduates :O)
17 days - 8/08 - crew change [go back]
19 days - 8/10 - Nathan & Kayla move back!!!!!!
20 days - 8/11 & 8/12 - Homecoming!
32 days - 8/23 - crew change [home]

43 days - 9/03 - Logan's Birthday!!
44 days - 9/04 - Labor Day
45 days - 9/05 - Back to School
45 days - 9/05 - crew change [go back]
 60 days - 9/20 - crew change [home]
62 days - 9/22 - 1st day of FALL 
68 days - 9/28 - BABY!?!?!?!? :O) :O) 
70 days - 9/30 - last night at bed & breakfast!!! :O) 

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