Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Christmas 2016 - Take 1 & 2

So, it looks like my new normal is having multiple Christmases before/during/after December 25th! That's okay though, because that means I get to spend lots of time with all my favorite people!

Christmas Gathering #1
December 08, 2016

Now that the boys are on the same tour, and Peter overlaps one of their weeks, we can finally plan family events again. It had to be early though, so we decided to go a different route and eat out for dinner. I threw out some different ideas about where the (7) of us might go, and ultimately, we ended up doing pick-up from Texas Roadhouse because of some certain deer hunters (who btw, both got one!). Logan and Nathan would get home on Wednesday, so we penciled in our calendars for Thursday 12/08 for our family dinner.

 Peter and I went over that morning, and Nathan and Kayla arrived that evening. Peter and Logan hunted until dark, then we all decided what we wanted for dinner, and Peter and I went to get it. Unfortunately, this is the only picture I got (unless there are some on Peter's phone). 

Little Miss now has a high chair!!! :O) She loves it!!

Our dinner didn't disappoint! That was a first for us though, doing take-out at Texas Roadhouse, and it worked out pretty good. We got a whole box of their yummy rolls and cinnamon butter to enjoy for breakfast the next morning. 

After dinner, they opened their Christmas Eve boxes and we all hung out. 

Nathan and Kayla left the next day, and Nathan spent the rest of his 2 weeks off at home (which I absolutely loved!). Peter and Logan hunted on Friday, and Peter got his deer that night.

We had planned to go home on Saturday, but stayed until Sunday evening. Peter and I went to Salisbury for the day to finish up shopping on Saturday, Logan got in the last day of hunting and got his deer! Kamry opened the rest of her gifts from us. She has really enjoyed the holiday and playing with all of her new toys. 

No matter how much time we get to spend with our family, it's always hard to leave. 

Peter headed back to work on Tuesday 12/13 and had decided to leave on the morning boat to get a head start on driving later that afternoon. I had volunteered to babysit for L & L to go Christmas shopping, so I went too and came home the next day. I had a whole day with Kamry and we had the best, best time!! 

While we were there she started saying da-da!! 

and was a ham making "pretty eyes".

Christmas Gathering #2
December 17, 2016

We had a small gathering (Nathan. Kayla, Gran. Pop. & Me) on Saturday evening. We opened a few gifts and had dinner together. 

He asked for wings, chicken salad, jalapeno poppers, dip & chips, and pumpkin pie to enjoy on  football Sunday. 

Nathan left on Tuesday to go back to work. Just when I get used to the house being alive again....late hours, coming and going, running out of clean towels, cooking favorite meals, our "chats", a fridge full of egg nog, watching Christmas Vacation too many is empty again. :O( Peter and the boys will be working this year.....another Christmas with an empty house. The only thing that makes this any better is making our own holidays and being able to spend time with all of my family- even if it's not on December 25th.

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