Thursday, January 9, 2014

52 week photo challenge {2014}

I've enjoyed doing photo challenges in the past, so I decided to try one again this year. They not only get me to use my camera more, but they also give me something fun to blog about.
For this year, I decided to go with a challenge I saw on Pinterest. It's a weekly challenge with 52 topics, but I like that it's in random order instead of a set theme each week. I really think it will be easier to keep up. I chose {details} for week #1.

My nephew Derek is the most creative person I know. He can make pretty much anything out of clay.
Last year, he made a Thanksgiving scene, and this year, some of the characters showed up again, all decked out for the holidays!! Here are a few pictures from last year. The detail is amazing. He is so talented!

And here is a peak at this year's creation.....

[week 1/52- details]

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