Friday, January 10, 2014

5 on friday: this & that

So, I started cutting back this week. I'm doing a combo of WW, eating smaller portions, eating in moderation, and making wiser choices. I'm not a big sweets eater, but the first thing I usually add to my "diet", are these......:o) those are diet foods...right?

I really love our Kindle and I really love Pandora!
I'll always be a Fleetwood Mac fan!

More freezer cooking.......

We had the sausage and peppers again yesterday. This time I put it on a toasted bun with melted mozzarella cheese. It was d-e-l-i-s-h! (w/shrimp dip and pita chips on the side).

my January chalkboard {a repeat of last year}.....

Another New Year's Resolution was to get together more with my best friend Wanda. We meet at least once a month for mani/pedi appointments, and we really enjoy that, but we never get together or go anywhere or do anything together and we live minutes from each other! Every year, we say we'll try to get togther more, but we don't follow though. Last year, the only time we got together was when I visited Wanda after she had back surgery. We've pretty much resorted to email to keep in touch. I know, sad, but true....
Our plans for this year are to get together once a month and do something FUN!! We started last night and had a blast! I got there at 7:00 and didn't leave until 10:30! Along with much catching up {I talked wayyyyyy too much I know}, we worked on our first project: putting together a binder for Wanda. I love using mine to help keep me organized. She seemed pretty excited to get started with hers. She is our school's secretary so she stays very busy and works year round. Maybe this will get her back on track and help keep her more organized too. :O)

She set hers up similar to mine, but divided it into the categories that she would probably use most: To-Do, Menu planning/Grocery List, Birthday Reminders, Budget.....
Having a binder has really helped keep me more organized, I can't say enough about using one. In the front of mine, I keep track of my 52 Week Savings Challenge.

I am doing much better at keeping up with this weekly challenge this time around, and my savings is already up to $165.00. :0)
Before I left last night, we talked about our February get together. We are both going on vacations the first part of February, but plan to get together soon after we return. I'm already looking forward to it!:O)

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