Sunday, July 28, 2013

saturday 9 ~ july 27

1) The lyrics refer to a baby's "one year of crying." When was the last time you cried ... felt weepy ... or at least teared up?

Nathan's Graduation....for sure!

2) Let's lighten it up a little. When was the last time you laughed really hard?

Today's always an adventure at work....Beth & I have lots of laughs together!!! :O)

3) Do you have "so much to say" that hasn't been said yet? Tell us if you owe someone a phone call, note, email or text.

I'm the worst at making that phone call, or sending a card. I eventually do it, but I hate that I'm such a slacker on this. I think of people often, yet they often don't know it since I don't follow up my thoughts with actions right away.

4) Earlier this summer, Dave took a bike ride before a show and his tire blew out. He didn't have a cell phone with him and was afraid of missing that night's performance. Fortunately two fans -- driving to see Dave Matthews Band in concert -- recognized him by the side of the road and gave him a ride to the show. Share a recent act of kindness you either did, or received.

I'm a strong believer in acts of kindness and try to do this whenever I get the chance.

5) Before he hit it big, Dave Matthews was a bartender. What job did you have right before the one you have now?

I was a substitute teacher.

6) The Dave Matthews Band recorded an album live at the Red Rocks Amphitheater, in the mountains near Denver. Is there a trip to the mountains in your future?

Maybe....I really would love to take a trip to the mountains sometime.

7) Do you suffer from hay fever or allergies?

No, thankfully I don't.

8) What's in your pocket right now?

Nothing, I have p.j.'s on!

9) American Express promotes "Small Business Saturday," and encourages us to shop at local, independent retailers. Is there a shop, boutique or restaurant in your town that you're particularly fond of?

I live in a very small town, so I try to spend money local any time I can. I guess we spend the most on take-out.

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