Monday, February 11, 2013

Menu Plan Monday: Feb 11-17

(1) I had planned on making Chicken Pot Pie today, but was at school longer than I thought, working on Valentine Greetings with the other Senior Moms. We had a fun day!!! :O)
I ended up fixing Chicken Strips/left-over Mac & Cheese/Corn
(2) Chicken Pot Pie
(3) Lasagna, Pea Salad, Garlic Bread
(4) Valentine's Day Dinner- Steaks??

I'm keeping this week's menu plan vague as we may be going to MD to help Logan/Lindsey move later in the week. I've planned meals for half the week, and we'll just go with the flow the rest. For Valentine's Day, I want to fix Peter and Nathan's favorites, plus bake a Red Velvet Cake<3 <3 <3 Peter and I will have a special dinner together when we go away this weekend.

Last week's menu plan once again varied a little.
Mon Feb 04 - Sun Feb 10
Monday: Breakfast Casserole, Fresh Fruit
Tuesday: Roasted Chicken w/gravy, left-over risotto, string beans
Wednesday: Beef Stroganoff....Pioneer Woman's Mushroom & Swiss Sliders and Fries w/Spicy Dipping Sauce YUM!!! (recipe post coming up!!)
Thursday: Sweet & Sour Chicken w/rice
Friday: Steaks.....Today's menu changed three times, no steaks today, Peter wanted fish, (and I had just put it in the oven when he decided to join Nathan for an Oyster Roast at the Fire Dept.), so we changed plans again. We just had a quick sandwich and kept the fish for Saturday.
Saturday:  Baked Fish w/ Potatoes & Onions, Sauted' Cabbage, & Corn Muffins
Sunday: Pigs-n-Blanket and Mac & Cheese

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