Monday, February 25, 2013

A Very Merry Disney Senior Trip: Last Night

The guys ended up skipping Osbourne Lights in hopes of riding Rock-n-Roller Coaster one more time before leaving Hollywood Studios. The rest of us made our way over to Streets of America to see what all the hype was about. There was a mass of people, more people in one place than I've seen in a long time, but we pushed our way through, literally, as I was pushing Charlene in her wheel chair. I don't think I ever got the hang of pushing that thing, because once the rest of our group caught up to me, they told me I had run over a little boys foot with it and I had just kept on going, like a woman on a mission. LOLOL Sorry little guy....hope you are ok! Anyhow, once we got there we saw exactly what everyone had been talking about....
The Osbourne Spectacle of Dancing Lights were breathtaking! These pictures in no way do them justice:

I was happy to see the Nativity included

this picture will give you an idea of the amount of people there
It took us much longer than I had planned to make our way to the front of the park due to the crowd, but once we got there, the grads were waiting. I don't think they really wanted to leave, but we all got on the bus and headed out to Fort Wilderness for our 8:30 dinner reservation for HOOP DEE DOO REVUE dinner show.
The grads were a little disappointed about leaving DHS, but were now anxious to get going with the show, plus everyone was starving (and really tired of picture taking!!), and they started to get a little restless.

Finally, they rang the dinner bell (yep, they did actually ring a big ole' dinner bell) and our group was called in and seated. I had chosen Category 3 seating, because to me, it's a better spot than Cat 1 or 2. It's in the balcony and we lucked out and got the exact same seats my family sat in when we saw the show in 2010. Directly over the stage!! :O)

The show is entertaining to say the least, and we all laughed at the corny jokes. The cast interacts with the audience all throughout the show, and this guy, Six Bits (the funniest cast member by far!) chose our table to have some fun with.

The cast started singing "She'll Be Coming Round the Mountain", stopping at various tables asking where we were from, and adding a new verse to the song using their state. Six Bits came up to our table and asked where we were from. We told him Virginia, and then I told him that they were on their Senior Trip. The spotlight came up on the grads and everyone cheered for them, then the cast continued with their singing, adding Virginia to their song. :O)
Everyone enjoyed the all-you-can-eat meal of bbq ribs, fried chicken, mashed potatoes, salad, baked beans, corn bread, and sweet tea in Mason jars, followed by strawberry shortcake for dessert. The last thing they do is hand out wash boards to play. I'll let the pictures talk.....

What an awesome ending to an awesome trip!!!!
After the show, we decided to take the boat over to Magic Kingdom, then take the bus back to Caribbean Beach catching one last look at the castle!

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