Friday, February 8, 2013

The Simple Woman's Daybook- February Edition

Outside my has been a dreary, rainy, cold day, but at least we didn't get snow!
I am thinking...of a few things I want to put on my birthday wishlist!! :O)

I am thankful...for our warm, comfy home!!

In the kitchen...I made Sweet & Sour Chicken over rice.

before going in the oven...

I am wearing...jeans and a tee.

I am creating...lots of stuff! I have been very, very busy painting, organizing, and decorating!

I am help Logan & Lindsey move out of their apartment and into their new house next week!!! We are so excited for them!

I am looking forward to...our annual mom/daughter get-away next month! :O)

Around the house...there is something being done in pretty much every room in our house! Now that I have finished painting the kitchen, I have a few more painting projects to do. I am also doing some major on that coming up!

A favorite quote for today...
goodnight my love. i just wanted you to know i was thinking of you. i love you so much. i hope your dreams are sweet and your sleep abundant. goodnight my little bluebird.  -Zechary, your amazing boyfriend. <3

One of my favorite things...the bird feeder that Peter put up right outside the kitchen window.

A few plans for the rest of the week: this week is almost over, but church on Sunday, Senior Moms meet to do Valentine greetings at school on Monday, more organizing, and celebrating Valentine's Day (a special dinner & Red Velvet Cake!!)

A peek into my day...

Update on the 52 Week Money Challenge: I started this challenge as a fun (easy) way to have a little extra savings at the end of the year. Peter thought it was a great idea too, so he joined in and also added Nathan to the challenge. So, we are doing the challenge x3!! As of today, Week #6=$63.00 saved! :O) :O)

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