Saturday, February 23, 2013

A Very Merry Disney Senior Trip: Day 4

Plans were for the ten of us to head to Hollywood Studios this morning, but we decided that we hadn't spent enough time shopping and instead, headed to Downtown Disney. The guys decided that sleep was more important than shopping, and joined us around lunchtime.
The girls on the otherhand, were raring to go.........

Aren't they cute??? The guys bought matching shirts and they all wore them to school on Monday. The Moms were raring to go as well, although in this picture we look like we were lacking a little sleep!! :O)

We headed to World of Disney, where we all went a little crazy with the shopping, but who can go into that store and not? After a few hours of shopping, we were ready to head to DHS, but the boys called and said they were on their way to meet up with us and wanted to get lunch. They suggested going back to Wolfgang Puck again, since everyone had enjoyed the food there on our first night. The grads ate, then left together to look around DTD a little more. The Moms enjoyed a yummy, quiet lunch together, then we headed to the bus stop. It was after 2 and we were ready to spend some time at DHS. The girls ended up joining us, but the guys had found Disney Quest by now, and didn't want to leave yet.
the tree at Disney's Hollywood Studios
Once inside the park, Jackie and I headed to Guest Relations to get our boarding passes printed out for our flights in the morning. Everything was roped off for the parade, but we found a pretty good spot near the big hat to watch.

After the parade, we decided to see the next showing of Beauty & The Beast. Everyone LOVED it!!!

It was now almost 4:00 and the guys hadn't come out to the park yet. I knew they were going to want to ride Rock-n-Roller Coaster and maybe Tower of Terror, but we had dinner ADRs that we couldn't miss, and we would have to leave the park no later 7:00. I was getting a little nervous now about booking this dinner show. I had seen it a few times before and I thought it would be a fun way to end the trip, plus the food is awesome, but now I was beginning to second guess my choice. I knew the guys wouldn't want to leave the park, but it was too late to cancel without being charged, and deep down I thought everyone would love it, so I tried to put my mind at ease and enjoy the rest of the evening. Mariah was waiting for the guys to show up to ride RnRC, but someone gave her two Fast Passes to ride in the next few minutes, so she asked me to go, just as the guys showed up. They wanted to ride, but she couldn't pick just one of them and not the other two, so off we went to get in line. It was her first time, and she loved it! Once we got off, the guys had decided to do single rider line instead of getting in the 60 minute queue and were about to ride again. Someone gave Nathan a Fast Pass ( I know-our lucky day), but he decided to let me ride with the FP and the grads got in the SR line. Once we all got off, I tried to persuade them to give Tower of Terror a try- but no takers. Then, I suggested going to see The Osbourne Lights that I had read so much about. They wanted to ride RnRC again, so they got FPs, and headed over that way with us.

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