Friday, February 22, 2013

{binder love}

30 Spaces / 30 Days

Space 13 of 30: Cabinet: Binder/Books
I love using binders to help me stay organized. I made a couple last year, one for budget and one for home, but they are bursting at the seams. I decided to break things down a little more and add a few more binders to my collection.

(1) Budget- this binder holds copies of our monthly budget (goes back a year or two), record of income, bank info, account numbers, etc.
(2) Home- this binder has folders for Christmas, paint samples, magazine pages I want to keep, etc.
(3) Travel- I wanted a binder just for vacations we've been on, and for upcoming trip planning. I filed this by year.

(4) Family- this binder will be divided into 3 sections: Peter/ Susan/ Nathan.
(5) Printables- this is my new favorite binder! I now have a place to store my seasonal printables.

folder in front holds banners

divided by months/season

I keep the binders in this corner cabinet with my books:

I have an extra binder that I want to make into a home management binder. Right now, I keep 2 notebooks on my counter, one for our budget and daily spending, and the other for, grocery, menu planning, etc. Slowly but surely I'll get more organized-one space at a time!


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