Friday, December 28, 2012

christmas 2012 (post 2)

Christmas Eve: I performed a miracle today- I still had cooking, baking, wrapping, laundry, cleaning and more to do.....there was no way I could possibly get everything done in such a short amount of time....... but somehow, I did {but not without a little help from some elves!!!}
Dad fried the oysters for dinner, Mom made a couple of dishes {mac & cheese..mmmmmm} and help set up the buffet, and Peter was on vacuum duty......
Peter, Nathan, Mom, Dad, Liz, Mitch, and I enjoyed dinner together before exchanging gifts and hanging out for awhile.
Nathan got new shoes, seasons of One Tree Hill, some gift cards and lots of Bears stuff. He especially loved his new Brandon Marshall jersey!
We all went to the Candlelight Service later that evening, then Peter & I stopped by Gina's for a quick visit before calling it a night. Kayla and Nathan came home for awhile, then went out for a few more hours.
I finished up some last minute wrapping and took a long, hot bubble bath......I could finally relax and enjoy Christmas! Somehow, I had pulled it off!


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