Tuesday, February 28, 2017

{february day book}


{outside my window}

It's the last day of February and 60+ degrees...need I say more?? :O)

{current status}

feeling spring-y!
I love this warm weather and all the flowers
that have started blooming! :O)


jeans + a TVFD tee
(((and NO jacket!!)
:O) :O)

{in the kitchen}

clams casino for dinner tonight.

{what's on tv}

This Is Us!!!
There are definitely wedding bells on the set of This Is Us, but not for the couple you may expect.  While walking around the Paramount lot, Mandy Moore and Milo Ventimiglia participated in a Twitter Q&A that their wedding would soon make it to the show.  RELATED VIDEO: ‘This is Us’ Star Chrissy Metz:

{favorite quote of the week}

Love grows best in little houses / Lettering by Chelcey Tate:

love my new sign!! <3

{from the board - Pinterest}

I think these mini-libraries are the cutest!
I want one for our front yard! :O)

{one of my favorite things}

love these chunky throws!
I wonder if I could learn arm knitting????:O)


2/02 - Peter dr. appointment
2/02-2/03 V-Day getaway
2/08 - crew change (P)boat
2/14 - Valentine's Day <3
2/22 - Kamry 10 months!! 
2/22 - crew change (P) home 3 weeks!


3/14 - Julie's b-day
3/15 - crew change (P) 3 weeks on :O(
3/20 - MY birthday :O)
3/22 - Kamry 11 months!!


4/05 - crew change (P) home!
4/10 - wisdom teeth!! :O(
4/15 - Tax Day
4/16 - EASTER
4/19 - crew change (P) boat
<3 <3 <3

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