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Stitch Fix Review - December 2016

Stitch Fix #2 - December 2016

At first glance, this month's Stitch Fix subscription box looked a little too colorful and busy, BUT, at second glance, I fell in love with some of the pieces! After last month, I was HOOKED and could hardly wait for my box to arrive. It came on Tuesday, and here is what was inside......

I love the personal note from my stylist Litsa, who really listens to my requests and actually does check out my Pinterest style board. :O)

(1) Octavia Plaid Blanket Scarf - $34
I really loved this scarf, the colors were something I didn't already have, and it was a great size. I decided to skip though since I already have a nice plaid scarf. [RETURN]

(2) Glamorous Jelston Cable Knit Pullover - $68
This was a miss for me. I'm not too fond of pullover sweaters these days (it may or may not have something to do with being in the over-50 club)...and it just reminded me of something I might have owned years ago. [RETURN]

(3) Honey Belle Leandro Plaid Print Split Neck Top - $48
I might have kept this item if (a) it had been a different color plaid, and (b) it wasn't so low cut...holy cleavage!! :O) [RETURN]

(4) Kut From The Kloth Elyse Printed Slim Straight Leg Pant - $88
At first look, I was like "whatttt"....but after looking at them they started to grow on me. The plaid was hard to capture, it was very suttle, not as bold as the picture. And, they were sooooooo soft and very well made. I know they would look gorgeous with a pair of boots and a pretty cardigan. I didn't even try these on because I was afraid I was going to love them! I just couldn't justify the price for pants I might only wear a few times each fall/winter. (AND....Nathan thought they were ridiculous!!) :O) [RETURN]

(5) 11 Star Bloomington Cable Knit Cardigan - $58
I asked for cardigans and my stylist did a great job choosing this one! I love the length, the color, the fit, the pattern, just love, love it!! I can see me wearing this A LOT this winter! [KEEP]
THOUGHTS: Overall, I really think my stylist, Litsa did a good job selecting these winter pieces for me using suggestions from my wish list. I love all the plaid she picked out, and know she has been looking at all the plaid items I've been pinning. The top items I was hoping for this month were cardigans, tunics, jeans, and all things plaid --and she definitely went with the plaid theme! I didn't love this box as much as my first one, but I did like most of what she picked out. I was super excited to open my box again this month and can hardly wait for the next one. I'm still going with the buy something-toss something idea for minimalizing my closet, so once I add this cardigan, I'll purge a sweater that I don't wear very often.

For now, Stitch Fix is a great solution for me as far as updating my wardrobe and expanding a little on my clothing choices. Stitch Fix was a HIT again for me this month!

If I had kept everything in the box, the cost would have been $202.00 ($296.00 - 25% off - $20 styling fee), but I only kept the cardigan so I paid $38.00 this time (+ $20 styling fee). Since it's Christmas, I used Christmas $$ to pay for this months purchase (thanks MOM!!). :O) I paid online and simply returned the items I didn't want in the pre-paid mailer provided...easy peasy shopping!!

Read all about Stitch Fix [HERE] and if you sign up, please use my referral # 9993849.

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