Saturday, December 17, 2016

{christmas eve boxes}

After seeing all the cute pins on Pinterest for Christmas Eve boxes, I couldn't wait to do them for my family this year. I did a box for Kamry and also a combined box for Logan & Lindsey and Nathan & Kayla. I love how they turned out. Of course, due to work schedules, I had to give the boxes early this year....they loved them! <3

Kamry's Box

- Christmas jammies (2-pk @ Target)
- dvd (I thought Rudolph was perfect for her very first Christmas movie)
- puffs 
- Christmas books (classics like The Night Before Christmas and Frosty the Snowman)
- mittens 
- toy (her first purse) :O)

I found the perfect box at Home Goods! :O) Did I mention how overwhelmed I was by my first HG visit???? I literally wanted everything in the store, but only came out of there with this box, 3 boxes of Christmas cards, and a gift card for Mom's birthday!!!! I soooo need to go back!! 

Logan & Lindsey's box

I ended up giving them their boxes at our family dinner last week. We weren't ready to exchange gifts so early, but I had the boxes ready, so I thought it would be fun to open them while together. Nathan and Kayla's box was identical except for the girl's jammies were different and I added a second Christmas Vacation tee for Nathan. I didn't get pics of N & K's box though....ooops!

- jammies (I found Christmas Vacation tees at Walmart which I knew I had to buy for the boys! I just got basic plaid flannel bottoms to go with them. I bought pj sets from Kohl's for the girls.)

- Christmas movie (Target had all Christmas blu-ray for $7.99!! I chose The Polar Express for this year's box.)

- popcorn & bowl, candy, & hot chocolate (I stumbled upon these cute popcorn bowls in the Target $$ section for $5, a pkg. of popcorn, movie-size boxes of candy, Ghirardelli Peppermint hot chocolate, and Hershey Kisses.)

- a candle 

- a gingerbread house kit

These boxes came from Hobby Lobby super cheap-on sale! They are huge, perfect for doing a combined box. I'll get all the boxes back to fill again next year. I absolutely love this idea....and they did too!! :O)

In her Christmas jammies.....

<3  <3 <3

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