Friday, October 2, 2015

life in pieces......

[home projects]

The past week or so has been quite hectic! Besides work and everyday life stuff, Peter was busy doing lots of "projects" around the house. It all started after making a trip to Lowes to buy a new dryer. I mentioned that I was planning to paint the laundry room once I was finished with work, but since Peter isn't the procrastinator I am......a week later the laundry room had gotten a makeover!

We painted the walls Sea Salt by Sherman Williams (a green/blue/grey).
Sea Salt "This pale gray-blue is soft and soothing. It's kind of like sea glass where it can look blue or green -- and it works with both. And it's great with neutrals or cream. I've used it in a beach house, a traditional home, a sorority house -- so it has a lot of flexibility." -- Janie Hirsch, Atlanta designer BEDROOM
It was one of the colors I loved while helping Mom pick out some paint a few weeks ago. She had only used a little of the quart she bought, so we got started with that while the washer and dryer were pulled out.

I knew I had made a great choice when I saw on Pinterest that Joanna Gaines uses this color in some of her "Fixer Upper" homes! :O)

Throwback: Design your days with purpose

I told Peter I would finish it while he was work, but he was determined to complete the project. We picked up more paint on Thursday, as well as new dark baskets and galvanized accessories. We also gave all the white trim/doors a fresh coat of white paint. I found the perfect rug at Walmart, I think the yellow and grey-ish brown looks great with the paint color.

Other than adding a few more accessories on the shelves and deciding on what to hang on one of the walls, the laundry room has a new, fresh look! (I absolutely love it...and my new dryer!)


The shelves are much less cluttered and so much prettier.... 
The other project he did, was relocate our microwave over the stove. We debated about raising the cabinet over the stove and buying a built-in style microwave, but we needed a microwave now and would need a carpenter, so we went ahead and bought a regular one a few months ago. We did like the look of a custom built shelf (Dad had done one in their kitchen), so Peter decided to tackle the project. I really like how it turned out! Since we haven't painted the cabinets white (YET), we did okay matching the stain. I plan to get rid of the kitchen island and microwave stand (pic below) and have a breakfast bar built coming out from that wall instead. Hmmm....maybe Peter might become a carpenter after all. :O)


Here are a few pictures of the microwave shelf:



Peter did an awesome job!!!

The mini-kitchen redo is at the top of the list!!

[the weather]

The weather (or at least the forecast) quickly changed everything at the b&b last weekend. We went from having a full house to nobody. We were closed all weekend, so I did lots cooking! I have been trying to use all the veggies that were brought to me last week.
I made Stuffed Peppers (to freeze), Zucchini Bread, Squash Casserole, Roasted Acorn Squash, and Broccoli Cheese Soup. (See post HERE) More stormy weather again this weekend, so the b&b is officially closed for the season.

[ my family]

Peter and Nathan headed back to work on Wednesday. They both had early crew changes so they left on Tuesday evening. Peter and I spent the night with Lindsey and Allie. :O) :O) We always love any opportunity to see them. Logan didn't get home until late Wednesday evening, so I didn't get to see him. :O(

Nathan posted this pic on Facebook. Peter's boat (Nathan's previous boat before going on the barge) leaving Philly headed to Baltimore until the bad weather passes.

Mom and Dad left yesterday and will be riding out this stormy weather on the mainland. I was hoping to have them here with me until things got back to normal, but I'm here alone. It is very quiet!! Logan and Lindsey invited me to come to their house until the bad weather was over, but I think I will be okay staying home. It looks like (as of now) that the hurricane will be off the coast.

Our home is very weird these goes from being busy, loud, full of laughter and lots of talking while Peter and Nathan are home, to quiet....very quiet......for two whole weeks while they are gone. I'm getting used to this tugboat life, but it is definitely different!

I actually got to spend a few minutes with Nathan while he was home this time (rare these days). He even cooked dinner for us...again, rare these days.
Ecclesiastes 3:1

[tv shows]

So, I was soooo excited to check out two new shows this fall. One was Life In Pieces, which I had really hoped would be somewhat similar to Parenthood (which I miss soooo much!!). Unfortunately, for me, this show is a miss!!! While I did laugh quite a bit, it just isn't what I was looking for. The other show on my must-see list was Code Black, and this show was a HIT!!! I loved it and am so glad to have a new series to watch. I also saw that Samantha Brown has a new show beginning Sunday 10/04 on the Travel Channel called 50/50. It reminds me of my other favorite show Trip Flip. I'm setting the dvr now!
I also tuned in to the pilot Open Concept on HGTV. It featured the sister team I follow on Instagram and their shanty2chic blog. It re-aired last night and hopefully, it will come back as a series. I loved it! Check it out!

[a little getaway]

Peter and I have been trying all summer to get away for a night or two. It hasn't seemed to work out due to his new work schedule. We do take the chance to go off for the day now and then, and we spent the night with Logan and Lindsey a few times while getting things straight for the job. We have started making it a point to try new places to eat when we can. We had dinner at Chesapeake Crabhouse in Crisfield with L & L a few weeks ago and it was delicious. If you go, you must get the Crabby Fries!!!!!! Really, you must! :O)
Last week, during an all day shopping trip in Salisbury, we had lunch at Back Street Grill. It's actually run by the same people at a favorite of ours, Riverside Grill in Pocomoke. We both made great lunch choices; Peter got the Seafood Jambalaya and a burger, I got the Cream of Crab soup and a burger. It was delicious!! We will definitely return.

{Review HERE}

Now that Peter is on a permanent schedule and I am finished with work, we can finally plan a little getaway. I had looked at a few places, but really have my heart set on a (new to us) place. I just need to run it by Peter. I am so ready to get away for a few nights!! :O) Hopefully, I'll be posting about it soon!

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