Saturday, September 5, 2015

weekend catch-up & photo dump

Logan's 27th birthday!!!

We got to visit with Logan and Lindsey (& Allie) for a few hours.


Lindsey had a birthday cook out for him with lots of friends and family.
Logan Dean Crockett's photo.
source: facebook
Logan Dean Crockett's photo.
source: facebook
Lindsey Crockett's photo.
source: facebook
Happy Birthday Logan!!!
New Job

Peter got home Wednesday from his first tour on the tug boat. He had a good 2 weeks with a good crew and a nice run. He made two trips to Boston and one run to Albany. I was excited that he took pictures!!! He will train a few more weeks then get his permanent spot (hopefully, he and Nathan will soon get on the same tour).

Diet update

I lost 5 lbs. on the 3-day Military Diet. :O) I was never hungry and the food options worked fine. I did substitute a few times, but only used foods on the list (and zero/low calorie extras like pickles, sauces, and seasonings). I drank much more water than I normally do, and best of all, I have officially kicked my Diet Coke habit!!!! If nothing else, I am happy that I accomplished that. With this diet, after the 3 days, you eat a low calorie diet for the next 4, then you can start again. I will wait until Peter goes back to work, but will definitely do it again. For now, we are just eating better/less. A little breakfast and lunch, then we cook a normal dinner, but just limit portions. Hopefully, I'll start bike riding again to get a little exercise too.

52 Week Photo Challenge

[8/52] photo challenge: white

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