Friday, August 9, 2013

5 on friday - my week in pictures

It has been a busy (and different) week at our house. Peter and I are adjusting to being home alone, but it is actually going better than we thought, due I'm sure, to the fact that Nathan has settled right in to his new tugboat life! He has been very busy (and without cell signal) since he got on the boat on Wednesday. He has had internet service though, so I have gotten a few emails from him, and finally got a phone call tonight. He sounds so contented and excited. I am very proud....and happy! :O)

My 5 on Friday list: my {random} week in pictures.....

(1)In our backyard......

My flower beds are overflowing! The mysterious vine was getting wayyyy out of hand, so I pulled it up. Hopefully, it will come up again {and actually bloom morning glories this time}. The marigolds have multiplied and are beautiful.

Cherry tomatoes & lots of them......

(2) Nathan, Brandon, and Shane had some time to kill on Monday, so they took in a Braves/Nationals game.
source: facebook

(3) Our niece, Addison, turns 6...... I love this shot! :O)

(4)We watched "42" the other night.... It is awesome...A MUST SEE!!!!

42 -  ♥  Loved it!!!
(5) Logan and Lindsey met yesterday with the photographer {their neighbor Stefanie's mom}. They are still deciding on a location for their engagement photos. I can hardly wait!!
Photo: great meeting ladies...(and Logan)
Lindsey & Stefanie
source: facebook

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