Saturday, February 25, 2012

Fundraising 101

Long story short, our school no longer sponsors the class senior trip. Sad but true. Fortunately, my son is part of a community that may be small in population, but is big when it comes to support! Nathan is a junior this year, but we are already busy fundraising for their senior trip! This year's graduates have already taken their trip, so now it is all about the CLASS of 2013!!! I'm thankful for the parents {especially the Moms!} who are so willing to give of their time for all the fundraising that needs to be done, also to the kids for being a part of it all {and even showing enthusiasm-after all it is their trip!}, and I'm also grateful for the generous support from our community. The class has chosen to go to Florida-WALT DISNEY WORLD HERE THEY COME!!! so it will take alot of bake sales, pizza bakes, and anything else we can come up with to raise the needed $$$. We did two fundraisers this month, our first being a cake bake for Valentine's Day. 
We were sold out in minutes and it was a huge success! Don't the cakes look D-E-L-I-S-H?!!

We held our second fundraiser last night. We had a Winter Bash & High School Dance. From 5-7 p.m., grades 4th-7th came for an evening of games, food, prizes, dancing, and even a scavenger hunt. They had a blast!!! It was so funny, when they first arrived, the boys sat on one side of the room and the girls on the other, but by the end of night, well, I'll let the pictures tell the rest.

As the younger crowd left, the teens started showing up. The girls were all dressed up, complete w/heels! The music started just a few minutes after 7, and for the next 5 hours, they danced, and danced, and danced {and sang} non-stop!!! They stopped long enough to do a drawing for an itunes card, and get a group picture, and then back to the fun!
It was a great night! I haven't seen them have so much fun in such a long time! They are such a great group of young people, they really deserve some fun, and last night's fundraising dance was just the thing!!! :O)


Ashley Eskridge said...

That is so awesome! Who will take them? Gosh, I can't believe Nathan is going to be a SR!!

Susan said...

It is hard to believe that Nathan will graduate next year! Some of the Moms will be going with them {they think we are cool Moms..LOLOLOL} and the class chose WDW because they knew they would have more freedom to do things on their own! I know they will have a great time! We've got alot of money to raise-but they want to go next February so we've got plenty of time to fundraise!! :O)

Ashley Eskridge said...

That is so exciting. Our class had so much fun there and your right, so much more freedom. We split into our groups and would go off!

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