Thursday, February 9, 2017

Thoughtful Thursday

This was in my daily devotions this morning.........

(a) ummm yes, I'm two days behind which is why this really hit me in the face :O( and (b) I love the Marie Kondo reference) :O)

I am a super "busy" person. I thrive on piddling around the house and getting things done and checking off lists. I spend A LOT of my day -- organizing and decluttering and cleaning and just doing things, but sometimes I can put too much time on these "things" and can't seem to find that extra quiet time for daily devotions (every day not just when it fits into my "schedule").

It's not only important to declutter your home, but it's very important to keep your mind free of stress and worry, usually over things we really have no control of anyway. We (I) should pray more for God's peace and joy, instead of being so caught up in every day busy-ness and while I enjoy every minute of the organizing and fixing up the house or even watching IG story videos, I know that if I invest more time in my daily quiet time with God, that will be even more rewarding.

I love when I read something in my devotions that makes me stop and reevaluate things and refocus on what really matters.

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