Sunday, February 12, 2017

Cook Book Storage

I copied this storage idea from fellow Instagram-er Laurie from The Glam Farmhouse. I had been eyeing this cute white enamelware breadbox from Decor Steals  for awhile, but hadn't bought it because I really didn't need a "breadbox". When I saw how nicely her cookbooks fit inside, I knew I had to order one! It looks so good on the counter, my cookbooks are organized, and it adds a touch of farmhouse to the kitchen! :O)

Love this storage idea!

I am gradually going through my cookbook collection and getting rid of many that I never use. Thanks to Pinterest, I am able to pull up pretty much any recipe I need. Awhile back, I started a recipe binder where I keep recipes from magazines, printed from the internet, and the cards I get from my subscription meals. 

- $5 S/H always

and since I'm sharing kitchen pics....

I've been wanting to remove that scalloped piece of wood over the kitchen sink.....

Peter took it down for me and it looks so much better!!!!

Sometimes the smallest things can make a huge difference in the look or how much you love something!

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