Friday, March 25, 2016

Our Disney Vacation 2016 - Day 4 (DHS pt. 2)

Day 4 - Sunday 3/06/16 (DHS part two)
I scheduled dinner extra early today because I had gotten us a Fast Pass for the viewing of Fantasmic back at DHS. We have only seen it one time, in 2010 with the boys, and it was so windy and chilly, that we were really too miserable to enjoy it. I thought tonight would be a good time to give it a second chance. We took the boat back over and had time to spare for our 7:35-7:55 p.m. FP window.

It had gotten chillier (or at least to us because of our sunburns), so we stopped and bought jackets and Solarcaine. We were now pushing our FP time and finally got to the FP entrance only to find out that we were 3 minutes late and the FP queue was now closed! :O(
We filtered in anyway (a little disappointed) and were being told the whole way there that it was standing room only. Once we got to the stadium, we saw that there was plenty of good seating left, spotty, but good seats. We had great seats on the end of a row with a great view of the show.


We did enjoy it, but Fantasmic won't be a must-do every year.

As soon as we exited, we walked over to find a spot to watch the new fireworks "Symphony in the Stars". I had read about them, but didn't know they would be showing tonight. We found a bench near Hollywood & Vine until they started. I'm a sucker for fireworks!!

Afterwards, we made our way to the bus stop through the sea of people. There was a huge crowd waiting for the bus back to All Star Music, but we lucked out and got on the first bus.
Another great day at Disney in the books!! :O)

Day 4 - 3/06/16

STEPS= 13,758
MILES= 6.06

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