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Our Disney Vacation 2016 - Day 1 (Travel Day & Magic Kingdom)

It seems like I say this every year, but I think this was our best trip to Disney yet! I guess our favorite trip will always be the year we went with both the boys, but every year we go back proves to be even better than the year before. This year's trip was perfect....the weather was amazing, the food was outstanding, and each day was fun and relaxing. I took lots of pictures that I can't wait to post along with the details of each day's adventures! A big part of any vacation (for me) is the planning and then a trip report afterwards. :O)
Our Disney Vacation 2016
Day 1 - Thursday 3/03/16

We normally drive down, but ended up flying this year due to Peter's work schedule. We flew in 2008 on our very first family trip, and then Nathan and I flew again in 2012 for his Senior Trip. While I don't mind the drive, flying is, by far, the way to go! What normally takes us about 17 hours (stopping for the night and finishing up by mid-day the next day) by car, only took 2 hours by plane! Peter had dreaded flying, but is now a fan! The flight went smoothly, from parking, to checking our bags, to getting through security without any problems. We had thought about driving to Baltimore and spending the night, catching an early flight out, but in the end, we decided to just drive straight there and hop on a mid-day flight. We used the long-term airport parking for only $8.00 per night. In the long run, we figured it to be much cheaper than driving, since we weren't out any travel costs except for the $56.00 for parking and a little gas money!

Once we got through security and boarding was about to start for our flight. We had just enough time for a quick bathroom break, then it was time for us to line up. We had gotten C group / # 4 & 5, but still managed to get good seats about mid-plane. I chose a seat next to a woman with an infant, hoping the baby would keep Peter's mind off of the flight. The two hours flew by and Peter is now a HUGE fan of flying!!!!!! We took off at 1:15 and we landed exactly 2 hours later (a few minutes earlier than scheduled).

We got off the plane and started looking for Side B /Level 1 - Disney's Magical Express bus. It was super easy to find and we were soon in line. Peter checked his phone and saw that our room was ready and that we didn't even need to come to front desk. Our magic bands were already activated and we were set to go. It was 36 degrees when we took off in Baltimore, and was 82 when we landed! :0)

We love using the DME bus system, since it is right there waiting for us, is free, and is just a great way to get you into Disney mode right from the start! Our bags were being taken care of for us, and would be delivered to our room later.

It wasn't long before we were entering the bubble!! :O)


I had requested Calypso section, which is the closest to the buses and food court, etc, but we ended up getting the next section, JAZZ. Once off the bus, we quickly found our room, and realized that Section 2 of JAZZ (our location) was the next closest section to the front of the resort.


We found our room (#2641) on the third floor, and were very happy to see this king size bed (which we found out later was very, very comfortable). We loved our room! :O)

Our plans were to head to Magic Kingdom for the remainder of the day, but we were starving by now and really couldn't wait any longer to eat. It was now almost 5:00 and all we had eaten all day was the snack on the plane! We decided to stop in the food court before heading to the park. I got the chicken nuggets & fries and a Mango Orange Tea. Peter got a burger & fries and a Coke. He got M&M's for his dessert choice, I didn't want dessert, so just got a pickle for Peter. (Disney pickles are Peter's favorite). LOL It was very good (but then again, we were starving!).

$34.57  or 2 CS credits

We were now good to go! We got in the Magic Kingdom line at the bus stop and about 5 minutes later, we were on our way. There were lots of people entering Magic Kingdom tonight and there was even a separate line for the 25 Year DVC Annniversary special event.

We had just missed our FP time for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, but had a FP for 7 Dwarfs that was almost ripe, so we headed over to Fantasyland. We both loved the ride (our first time), but Peter said he thought it was a little wilder than BTMRR. After our ride, I wanted to ride the tea cups, which I hadn't done in years. Peter waited while I rode. I really love that ride, but keep the spinning to a minimum!

Day 1 - to be continued!

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