Friday, September 11, 2015

5 on friday: life lately

1) it's beginning to look a lot like fall....

two of my favorite things!

2) Nathan

Nathan finished up AB school last month and is finishing up tankerman training this tour and has his permanent spot. So proud of him! :O)

from AB school-Life Boat Training :O)


I am almost 2 weeks Diet Coke free!!! :O) I am so happy I kicked this habit.....I was soooooo addicted! I have replaced it with (a) more water (b) coffee w/stevia & pumpkin spice creamer, and (c) my new drink of choice....

4) my fall chalkboard

5) TV

In a few weeks, all the new fall shows will start. Just from the commercials, I am considering tuning in to Code Black and Life in Pieces (hoping it will be similar to Parenthood? except it will be a comedy). Not sure if I'll like either of them, but will give them a try. Also, a new season of Amazing Race begins. :O)

I am not a big tv fan at all. I watch Big Brother, Trip Flip, Fixer Upper, Gilmore Girls and Parenthood reruns, and not much else. I love watching football and am excited that a new season has started!! :O)


Vicki @ lifeinmyemptynest said...

I'm going to try Life in Pieces too - hope it's at least half as good as Parenthood!

Susan Crockett said...

Me too Vicki @lifeinmyemptynest! I loved Parenthood (watch lots of reruns). Have you found anything similar? I am always looking for a new/(old) series to watch. Did you ever watch "Party of 5" when it ran years ago? A great show about family/siblings. :O)

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