Sunday, September 28, 2014

weekend catch-up & menu plan monday


This was my last weekend for 2014 and what an awesome way to end the season. The weather was amazing, I had some of the best guests I've had all summer, and I had a full house on Friday and Saturday nights. Just 2 more days until I close up for another year. It has been a very hard summer, but I am thankful that I was able to keep the 5 room b&b open for business. I worked a few extra hours today, doing some behind the scenes packing up, and will go back in the morning to do a little more packing. I have a couple of guests scheduled to come in on Tuesday afternoon, so I'll finish things up on Wednesday. I always have mixed feelings when the season ends. I'm glad that I can stay at home, but I really love my job, so I have a little adjustment when it ends. (but trust me, I soon get over it!) :O)

OMG....the Bears vs. the Packers....UGH!! That's all I have to say! :0(

A Packer friend decided to leave us a little gift on the patio.....LOL...Yea, maybe next time!

Mom's recovery is coming along pretty good. She gets her staples out tomorrow, as well as having PT. She is scheduled for 3 more sessions, then hopefully, she and Dad can come home next weekend. They got to see both of the boys this weekend (so jealous!). Nathan's tug was in Salisbury, so they dropped by to see him and met his crew. :O) Then, Logan and Lindsey stopped by to visit with them at the hotel for a few hours. They had been in OBX for a week on vacation and just got home last night. Peter and I are planning to go to see Mom and Dad on Tuesday. I miss them so much!!!

Our long weekend in Charlotte is coming up this week!!!! We leave on Friday morning. SO excited!!


Big Brother16 ended on Wednesday. This wasn't my favorite season of BB, but I was glad that Derrick won. At least I finally got Peter hooked!!  Love that the new shows are on....especially my favorite Parenthood! Awesome season opener!!


I'm skipping all meal planning this week. We will be away on Tuesday, then we leave on Friday and will be away until Monday evening, so we will be eating out of the fridge, freezer, & pantry this week. I'm making this week a no spend week (I've always wanted to try a NO SPEND MONTH- but that will take persuading on Peter's part, plus I think that topic deserves it's own post! More on that later.). Anyhow, I should have enough food on hand to feed us all week...we'll see.

Last week, we did hot cereal for breakfast. We ended up doing two versions all week:

Cream of Wheat w/bananas & nutmeg

Oatmeal w/bananas, brown sugar & walnuts

This week we'll eat a mix of yogurt w/granola, smoothies, and hot cereal (all on hand).

We used up most of the produce last week that my guests brought me.

Monday- soft crabs & lima beans
Tuesday- I made a big pot of Vegetable Beef Soup (we ate it several days for lunch too!)
Wednesday- Baked Macaroni & Cheese and a pot of yellow string beans
Thursday-Scallops sauted in butter, corn on the cob, left-over mac & cheese
Friday- Chicken Fajitas (w/ yellow peppers)
Saturday-Porterhouse Steaks on the grill w/onions & mushrooms, squash sauted w/onions & butter
Sunday- Turkey Hoagies

We ate a few salads this week for lunch and used up the cukes and tomatoes. We also had a baked sweet potato for lunch one day. I cut up and froze the rest of the yellow peppers and will bake the rest of the sweet potatoes and freeze in foil tomorrow for future meals.

On Monday, I plan to use up the rest of the corn in a pot of Corn Chowder.

Let's see how creative I can get this week with meal planning!!

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