Saturday, September 13, 2014

smoothie review.....

This week was smoothie week for breakfast. My Mom has been pushing healthy smoothies for years, but I never got into making them because I thought I wasn't a big fan.......I really love the sweet, fruity ones, but as for the "add flax seed or coconut milk" kind....well, you lost me there. That's until now! This is week #3 of eating (healthier) breakfast every day. I must say, we have both absolutely loved it!

Week #1 was yogurt w/granola and fresh fruit.....

Week #2 was bagels w/ flavored cream cheese or jam and fresh fruit....


Week #3 was smoothies........

I found tons of recipes (with every combination possible) but chose the following to is my review:

Monday- we started the week off with your basic smoothie recipe....frozen strawberries and bananas....add a little vanilla yogurt and a few ice cubes. Very good!

Tuesday- I made the Healthy Smoothies from the pre-made bags I put together on Monday.  This one had fresh spinach leaves. We both liked this one.

Wednesday- we had the Blueberry Smoothies....a favorite!

Thursday- I made the Hawaiian Smoothie. I used a can of crushed pineapple.....this was too thick and had too much texture. Next time, I'll add fresh pineapple or a small can of slices. It made ALOT....I froze the leftovers in individual small Ziploc bags and will add to other fruit smoothies later. This one was just...ok.

Friday- another Healthy Smoothie.

Saturday- Peter had another strawberry/banana smoothie and I gave the Skinny Coffee Smoothie a try......loved it!!!!

I also made a "snack" smoothie........
I have lots of stuff left over to do a few more smoothies next week and I really want to give the pumpkin smoothie a try! :O)

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