Monday, September 15, 2014

menu plan monday: sept 15-21

Week #4


This week we're having EGGS......scrambled, fried, boiled, omelets, and my favorite....."Egg in a Basket" which I made this morning.

I may just make one of these every day this week! If you haven't tried eggs this way, well, you should. Here's all you have to do: melt a little butter in a hot skillet, butter one side of a slice of bread then cut out a hole with a biscuit cutter.

Put unbuttered side down in the pan and break an egg into the hole. Salt and pepper to taste. Flip toast and cook until done (I don't like runny eggs, so I make sure it's cooked through). And there you have egg in basket! Mmmmm! Don't forget to throw the little piece you cut out in the pan too....I love how the bread gets nice and toasted.

Peter had scrambled eggs this morning. Coming from people who rarely eat breakfast, we really look forward to it now every morning. We make sure to have a little fresh fruit too. We both feel so much better. It is so true that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Eggs are super easy (and cheap) and supposedly, they are now good for you. Shopping was easy too.....a couple dozen eggs, a few slices of bread, some fresh veggies and cheese and I have breakfast taken care of for this week.

I'm not a big coffee drinker, but do drink more of it during the fall and winter months. I really love all the flavored creamers. I was searching for Pumpkin Spice creamer last week, but couldn't find it, so I'm giving the Crème Brulee a try....very good! I usually drink half of the cup hot, then pour the other half over ice.


This week will be pita bread w/ tuna, lettuce & pickles, or a salad, or maybe a turkey sandwich. I need to buy some healthier bread though, we are die-hard white sliced bread eaters...not very healthy I know! A little fresh fruit (I never ate so much fruit in my life) or a few baked chips on the side. Of course, I'm still hooked on Diet steps!


Dinner is my problem area, as far as planning. I'm not sticking to the meals on the menu. I am though, cooking meals mostly from what I have on hand, so at least I'm not standing in front of the freezer at the grocery store at 3:00 wondering what I could quickly fix for dinner. I absolutely hate that!!

I can be very creative when trying to use things I have on hand. Last week I made the yummiest "clean out my fridge & pantry" turkey casserole. I'm sharing the recipe (it was that good!).

Mom gave me a healthy turkey casserole recipe, I just improvised a little on it. I had everything on hand.

2 cups chopped turkey breast (leftover from last weekend) I had a bag frozen

1-1/2 cups egg noodles (cook and set aside)

Whisk together to make a sauce:

1 can cream of chicken
1/2 can milk
1/2 cup sour cream
(I also added 1/3 jar leftover turkey gravy to the sauce)
basil, salt, pepper to taste

Cook until tender:

1/2 onion-chopped
fresh green beans (I had about a cup in the freezer) or you can add a can of drained French style string beans to casserole when putting in pan)

Assemble casserole in 9x13 baking dish. Layer turkey, noodles, sauce, veggies (drained). Mix together and top with buttered bread crumbs. Bake @ 350 degrees for 30 minutes. This dinner was a winner with my family.

We also had Pioneer Woman's Pot Roast, Pork Loin on the grill, clam chowder, tacos, and soft shell crabs last week. We ordered out turkey hoagies yesterday.

Chili was requested for today's dinner and tomorrow we'll be going to the hospital with Mom, so we'll eat out. Nathan goes back tomorrow evening, so we'll only be cooking for two for the next two weeks. I didn't make a dinner menu this week.


Shellbell said... have really started to overhaul your meals and eating habits! Soda is by far the hardest thing to quit...i have done it several times and hate myself for drinking it again. But, trust me, if you can kick the habit, it's worth it. I have been doing major cooking and meal prep the last 3 weekends and it's amazing how much smoother the week goes...have some much in the freezer now, I'm taking at least 3 weekends off to eat up what we have.

My newest overhaul has been cutting out packaged and processed food as much as possible - it's been challenging, but is getting easier. I don't use cream of chicken or mushroom, bisquick, packaged spices, canned rolls or bread, lunchables, etc for addison's lunches - takes cooking to a whole new level :)

Susan said...

I've always done some sort of meal planning, but it is so easy to get in a rut and doesn't take me long to become unorganized. I feel so much better (physically and mentally) when I have a plan!! I also like to save money on our food budget. I love the idea of doing away with processed stuff like (cream of) soups, but haven't gone that far yet. I know they are much healthier (and cheaper). One big thing I'm doing is dividing up the chips/ fruit, etc. into single servings. We can kill a bag of chips in one sitting-easy!!! At first, Peter was like...that's too much...(in my best Tangier talk)!! LOL but he's gotten used to it. Half of our eating is habit anyway!
Soda- that's a very hard one for me! As much as I love to eat, I would pick a diet coke over anything....addicted! :0(

Shellbell said...

Yeah, Meal planning is the best! I try to sell it's benefits to my unorganized friends....that haven't quite gotten there yet :)

I do the individual bags of stuff now too...mostly to help Addison pack her own lunch. It's amazing how it really is enough!

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