Wednesday, April 23, 2014

book club: week #1

Book Club Day
week #1.....
Chapters 1-4

I love this book and read way more than the 4 chapter assignment this week. Melanie is so funny and had me laughing out loud!


1. In Chapter 1, Melanie mentions that she always envisioned a Christmas wedding but ended up getting married in August. How did your own wedding differ from what you thought it might be?
-We had a small wedding, which is pretty much the kind of wedding I always thought I'd have. The part I regret, is not being married in the church I grew up in (and still go to). I never envisioned getting married anywhere but my hometown. (there was no way to keep our wedding small in our hometown where we know everybody..)
I never really envied big weddings, but I have loved all the planning Lindsey and Logan have done for theirs, and I'm so excited for their big day!

2. Have you seen ways in your own life that marriage tends to amplify what insecurities you may have? Have you looked for your husband or job or anything to complete you in some way?
-I grew up with a Dad who was "always there" and who did lots of fun things with my sister and I, like taking us out in the boat and to the beach on Sundays after church (when he really didn't love going to the beach), or making us homemade kites and flying them with us. I had a good childhood and my parents were a great example of how a marriage was supposed to be and what a husband and Dad should be. After I got married, I tended to compare Peter to my Dad, but soon realized that wasn't being fair to Peter. We were not my parents, and we needed to build our relationship based on who we were, perfect or not.

- The other thing that came to mind was how Mom always told me to make sure to take time for myself and find friends and outlets just for me. A husband, family, and job are very important in our lives, but it is also important to take care of ourselves too. This has been hard for me (as it always was for her). Our nature is to always do for others, but we can actually do an even better job, when we take care of ourselves too.

3. Do you remember the first time you met your spouse?  What stands out in your mind?
- We grew up in the same small town, but we didn't discover each other until we were in high school. We went steady for four years, got engaged my senior year, got married a week after graduation.....and here we are...31 years later!

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