Sunday, April 27, 2014

clear, tinted, or mercury glass?

I'm looking for a pretty table lamp for the living room and I've had my eye on a few glass choices. I love this one with the burlap shade from Pottery Barn.....
but I am so cheap, I refuse to pay $170 for one lamp.

I also love this one from Shades of Light....
but this one is even further over my budget @$289!

I love the tinted glass, but also really like the clear glass base......and I love this DIY version.

Ballard Designs has this one for $119......

cheap cheap IKEA clear glass base 16" @ $17.00
(Sadly, I don't have a store nearby, and I'm sure the shipping is ridiculous!).

Then, there is mercury glass...<3 <3

Looking Glass Spray Paint....but could I do a neat job?

DIY mercury glass lamps

Pottery Barn - $179

So, now to decide.....decisions......decisions......

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