Wednesday, October 31, 2012

riding out the storm......

Halloween has come and gone. It's one of my favorite holidays, but this year, instead of it being a fun day of trick-or-treaters dressed in their cute costumes and lots of candy, for many, it was a day spent dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. We were very fortunate, other than a few things in our yard being blown over, our home, boats, and SUV were not affected at all by the storm. We live in a very low-lying part of VA, so we {actually Peter} decided we should go and stay with Logan in MD for a few days and ride out the storm there. We spent the last few days watching hours of updates on the Weather Channel, cooking and eating, checking updates on Facebook, playing UNO, sleeping, eating, watching the weather, calling family members, eating.......let's just say, it was a long few days...
what a storm.....unfortunately the predictions were correct.

thankful that we never lost power......we stayed glued to the tv.
day 3: we took a break from cooking and sent the guys out for chicken
a game or two of Uno....
Mom has become rather tech-savvy....getting updates on Facebook {Nathan said she definitely needs to get her own account!! :O) :O) }
Logan & Lindsey were very gracious hosts-they took great care of us!
{btw....that is the comfiest couch ever!}
view from Logan's balcony during the worst of the storm
That's as bad as it got for us. As you can see, we were very fortunate, it was a bit windy and rainy, but we never lost power and we felt very safe in his apartment. My sister didn't fare as well as we did. She had several large trees fall next to her house, but I am so thankful that they didn't fall on her house or car, also she didn't get any flooding. They lost power, so they moved to a neighbor's house for the night, but they were able to go back home the next day. Lindsey's family has been without power until tonight, but other than some fallen trees, they were spared as well. Unfortunately, for millions of others, things are much worse.
As we watched the news tonight, it saddened me to see all the devastation all along the east coast. I was particularly touched by the fires in Breezy Point, NY.
As we approach Thanksgiving, I need to focus even more on just how thankful I should be. I often take for granted the many things I should be much more grateful for. The past few days are proof that our lives can change so quickly. My thoughts and prayers are with all the families affected by this devastating storm.

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