Friday, May 18, 2012

more good things.....

With the celebration of Mother's Day fresh in my mind, I wanted to do a little catch up post. After I got off work on Sunday, Peter, Nathan, and I went out to dinner. We had a wonderful meal and it was nice just spending some time together. Nathan also gave me a certificate for a manicure and a beautiful card with some sweet words written in it. I posted about Logan's visit last week for an early Mother's Day treat, but we also got to spend some time with him again this week. Nathan had a doctor's appointment on Monday, so after that we drove to MD to meet up with him. We actually met him at the house he wanted to look at again. He is actively looking for a home now, and he really liked this one. He had seen it on Friday, and wanted to go back again, so we tagged along.
It's a contender, but he wants to see a few more before making a decision. After seeing the house, we left him because he needed to go home and pack. He had to fly out on Tuesday to go back to work. Their tug is bringing 2 new barges up from LA, and his crew would be getting on in Ft. Lauderdale a day early. He took this picture from the tug yesterday, towing the two barges behind.
We headed to the mall for some shopping, and after trying on numerous pairs, Nathan finally picked out these cool shoes from Dick's.
Next stop, Home Depot, to return the ceiling fan that Dad and Peter worked for hours to install on Saturday and the thing wouldn't work! UGH!! I returned it but couldn't find one I loved, so we just got some paint {we are painting the kitchen ceiling and trim....YAAA!!!.....finally!}, and headed over to Lowes to see what they had in the fan line. Nathan got a bit silly, and I just had to snap a picture of him walking through Lowes in a big 'ole straw hat.....
Next, we decided to check in at the hotel {used Priceline again and got another great deal!!}. We stayed at Country Inn & Suites and the beds were amazing!!! We had never stayed in one, but we will definitely return! On our way over to the hotel, we stopped at Rita's for some "ice custard happiness"....and it most definitely lived up to it's name!
I got watermelon, Peter got Green Apple, and Nathan went all adventurous on us and ordered.....vanilla ice cream...LOL

{Week #18 - 52 photos in 52 weeks- STRIPE}
We went over to Logan's apartment for awhile and waited for Lindsey to get home from work, then we headed to Longhorn Steakhouse for dinner. Lindsey had me a Mother's Day gift and card which I thought was so sweet. :O)
After dinner, we said our goodbyes. Logan would head back to work very early the next morning and we would be going home early as well. We got back home just in time for Peter to go to work and Nathan to get to school. I had the day off, so Dad came over to install the new ceiling fan.
It looks great! We are going to put the light that was in the kitchen in the laundry room {wait until you see the light it will replace...I should be ashamed to show you!!}. I'll do another post with pictures of the light switch-a-roo and the painted trim once it's complete.
I had an awesome Mother's Day! I am so thankful for both of my wonderful boys! I am very, very proud of them!
I wanted to share one more picture.
shared photo {taken by Carol}
Our local volunteer fire dept responded to a call last Saturday after a plane had to do an emergency landing when it's engine cut off shortly after take off. Nathan and many others responded to the call. There were a few pictures taken afterwards, including this one, which I absolutely love! A great picture of Nathan and his friends! Our volunteer fire dept. does an awesome job!!!


Patny said...

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beagleAnnie said...

Hi Susan,
I really enjoyed your great day post. Wonderful time with wonderful family members!

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