Wednesday, May 30, 2012

and then there was light....

Blogging is all about sharing the good, the bad, and the ugly. Well, you can say this is ugly...

 I really should have been ashamed to show you my dated fluorescent light but I have to show you the bad so you'll appreciate how nice our kitchen and laundry room look now with the new lighting {and fresh coat of paint on the ceilings and trim}. A few years ago, we replaced the ceiling fan w/light in our kitchen and put up a cute light fixture.
Problem is the light was not bright at all, and we missed having a fan in the kitchen which I really loved {and needed}. So after a few years of trying to function in a dimly lit kitchen, we bought a new fan with an awesome bright light. This smaller light {above} got moved to the laundry room.
Of course, with any project you get into, it always turns into more than you bargained for. If you look closely at the ceiling you'll see how desperately it needed painting.
Getting the ceilings painted has been on our major to-do list for quite awhile {we've been in the house for 21 years so you can imagine their need for a fresh coat of white paint!}, but we kept putting off hiring a painter to do it. After taking the light down, I could not bear to put up the new fan with the ceiling looking so awful. Peter and I then made a pact.....we would paint it together, a little at a time until the job was complete. Then I thought, since we would be going to all the trouble of painting the ceiling, why not finally paint the trim too?! The kitchen was the only room left in the house that had the original stained trim, and I really didn't love it! So....we picked up a gallon of Behr paint w/ primer and started that project as well.

It's coming along, but it is quite the painting project, especially trying to fit it in after work! I love the white woodwork though and know the finished product will be worth all the work. Dad came by yesterday to swap out the laundry room light. I was happy to send the fluorescent light fixture to the dump! The smaller one we took out of the kitchen looks perfect there.
I'll post pictures of the finished project.....hopefully it won't take us all summer to complete!


Staci said...

With those lights and new fan, I hope those are enough additions to make your home more well ventilated. If you want to spruce up the fan to match the color with the home interior, repainting it would be a great idea. Try it!
Staci Severns @ Brooklyn Fan

Staci said...
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