Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Destination Disney: 4 Favorite Souvenirs

4 Favorite Souvenirs from DISNEY!?
Hmmmm....I love looking through all of the shops at Disney, but we have our favorite places where we just have to drop a bit of $$$ on every trip.

{1} My #1 must have souvenir from each & every trip to Disney: a Christmas ornament.
Our trip in 2011 was a "just the 2 of us" trip, so I chose a Mickey & Minnie ornament that year.
isn't it cute?

I really love this shop in Magic Kingdom!
{2} Pin collecting became an obsession along the way. Whether we buy or trade them, adding those cool pins to your lanyard can become quite addicting! Two favorites places to buy pins:
Pin Traders @ Downtown Disney

and under the hat in DHS.

Nathan started out with these, but built up his collection quickly!

I started out slow, but have added lots more over the last few trips.

Nathan traded a CM for this one at Beach Club - it's his favorite!

{3} Although I buy most of my tees online from , we each usually end up picking up one while shopping, afterall, you can never have too many t-shirts, right???
my most recent purchase
{4} One of my favorite souvenirs from refillable mug!!!! I love using it once we get back home - a little reminder of WDW!
One of the first things we do.....head to the food court to get our mugs....and sometimes lunch too! I love that they had different colors this year!


Heidi said...

I agree - you can't have too many Disney t-shirts. And the refillable mugs - I use mine at home too. A lot.

beagleAnnie said...

I'm not a pin collector, but my friend is hooked in Disney pins.

Disney on Wheels said...

My husband just started collecting pins. And you are right about the t-shirt. There is no such thing as too many Disney t's. :)

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