Monday, April 16, 2012

good things....

Life is so hectic! Sometimes I feel like my brain is on overload-filled with so many things on the to-do list and not quite enough hours in the day to do them.
But my life is filled with so many good things....some of them are big things, but most are just little things that brighten my day when I least expect it. One of my favorite sayings is...
I try to remember this as often as I can!

{Good things}
Nathan came home from school on Friday with this......
It can't be time to order his class ring?????? What a bittersweet feeling I had as he showed me his choices.
Another good thing:'s less than 3 weeks away! Nathan's date, Kayla, bought a pewter gray dress and is wearing fuchsia accessories. We stopped by the tux store last week and picked out the perfect the vest w/ paisley tie! It was paired with a black shirt instead of the white shown here, which the saleslady recommended, but Nathan is on a hang- so we got both black and white shirts and he'll decide eventually!
Another {BIG} good thing.....after 4 years & 3 months..............................the braces are off!!!!!!
Nathan won't really miss this place...well except for his favorite hygienist Angie, who is not only the cutest thing, but she loves talking sports with him. :O) I highly recommend Seaside Smiles-Dr. Vickers is the best!
Nathan hasn't been very cooperative in letting me get an "after" picture, but I do have a picture from the very first day the braces went on....he is so little in this picture!

That same day we were able to spend a few hours with Logan. A very good thing! :O) 

....everything is in full bloom- a good thing!

I started back to work today, well actually, we aren't open yet, but we are cleaning the b&b, to get it ready to open. I'm so thankful for a job I love and for my 3 sweet helpers-Beth, Katie, & Marlene. They not only do a great job as housekeepers, but they make work fun! :O) A job you love and great girls to work with....a really good thing!
Speaking of work, another "good" thing I can't live without......these and sharpened pencils! And of course, my reservation book!
Oh. it's the little things!:O)
 ....freshly grated Parmesan sure is a good thing!This grater gets used almost daily!
And then there is blogging! One of my favorite "good things".......I look forward to posting about all the little{and big} things going on in my life.
It's a good thing!!! :O)

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beagleAnnie said...

Hi Susan,
I am really enjoying reading your blog. Yes, small things make me happy, of course big ones too.
So, you've started preparing your B&B. I look forward to see it.

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