Sunday, April 15, 2012

Destination Disney: 7 favorite things to do outside the parks

This week, Heidi wants us to share our 7 Favorite Things to do Outside the Parks. I took this as Disney related things to do, but saw that a few others had included some non-Disney choices as well. I decided to do a combo: 2 non-Disney things we have done while on a WDW vacation, 1 thing we have yet to try, but have on our to-do list {Disney related}, and 4 non-park things we already have enjoyed and will definitely do again. Okay, now that I've made this week's topic super complicated, here is my list of 7 NON-PARK FAVORITES!!!
We love HDD!!! We love the food, the show, the fun, it's just a wonderful time-our family LOVES it!!!


{2} Disney Transportation
Even though we drive to WDW and have access to our SUV, we much prefer taking the bus, boat, and monorail all around Disney. When that first bus pulls up- I know we are in WDW!!!

Which leads me to {3} Resort Hopping / and spending time at the resort.
We really enjoy checking out all of the beautiful resorts, usually to have dinner at one of the resort resaurants, but sometimes just taking some time to tour them. The theming is amazing! We also like spending a little time at the resort we are staying at when we need a little break from a hectic day at the park.
Love the shopping and restaurants at DTD!!! Nathan's favorite is Team Mickey {of course!}.
{5} a favorite non-Disney choice is: SEAWORLD
We've been to SeaWorld twice and loved it!
{6} another favorite {not mine!!} is DAYTONA INT. SPEEDWAY
This is Peter's favorite {a close second to WDW} when in FL!! Me, not so much! He loves Nascar, and last February, we went to Daytona for the Bud ShootOut. Let's just say we both have different memories of that day!
{7} And last, but not least, I hope to someday try CHARACTERS IN FLIGHT at DTD.
It's on my to-do list, but I never seem to be able to fit it in. I will have to do this alone as Peter isn't too fond of heights. It's probably the closest I'll ever come to a real hot-air balloon ride!! I caught this cool picture as we were nearing WDW this past January.


beagleAnnie said...

All places look fabulous for families and friends.
Have a great start of the new week.

Heidi said...

What a great list! I still have to get my list compiled and posted!

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