Sunday, June 19, 2011

21 Day Organizing Challenge - day 3

Relax & Surf Sunday

day 3 - laundry room
As you enter through the back door, you pass through our laundry room. It's small, but very functional! We bought a front load washer a few years ago, but haven't replaced the dryer yet, because it still works. My initial plan was to stack the washer and dryer, but may just keep them side/side and add the riser underneath w/ drawer. Love the {he} washer, can't wait to add the dryer! The laundry room is just off the kitchen. I painted it Olive Sprig Green and did the trim in white. I added a Longaberger Orchard Park Plaid valance to the back door, and bought some coordinating red/green stripe bins for the shelves.
Swiffer Wet Jet & Vacuum......great investment for keeping the ceramic tile clean!
This thing really gets a workout....I average 2-3 loads per day.
Hello Kitty....Jaxson's favorite spot to nap in the sun!
On the back of the door that goes into the kitchen: hats and my cloth grocery bags.

Storage boxes: greeting cards in one & my stenciling supplies in the other.

Laundry supplies {I always mark the date when I open a new bottle of detergent- to see how long it lasts}

Bought the catfood container from Keeps the food fresher!

I labeled the bins.

MISC: tape, batteries,candles, etc.


Pet Supplies {and frequently used tools}...

This sign hangs over the door that leads into the kitchen.

This room was pretty organized. I didn't have to do much organize it for this challenge, but I did give it a good cleaning for the pictures! :O)


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