Tuesday, October 11, 2016

wedding weekend....

~~ Eskridge Wedding ~~

We had a great weekend despite the threat of Hurricane Matthew and the yucky weather. We went over in the a.m. stopping to see Kamry and Lindsey for a few hours before heading to The Fountains for Thomas Reed & Samantha's wedding. It was a beautiful venue, the food was fantastic, and the wedding was gorgeous. We had the best table and had a great night, laughing and talking, and of course, dancing! 

Kayla caught the bouquet.....

Nathan was determined to get the garter!! :O)

LOLOL....yep, got it!!

:O) :O) :O)

The weather was getting worse all the time, so we decided to get going around 9:30. We had the best time and were so glad we were part of their special day! It was pouring by the time we left and very windy, but we made a safe trip home with James and Wanda. We were very happy to wake up in our own bed the next morning since the weather was even worse on Sunday. 

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