Monday, October 24, 2016

{october day book}

Monday October 24, 2016

{outside my window}

It's 70 degrees & sunny!!! 
Yaaa!! Love FALL weather!!

{current status}

feeling concerned....

I had a great time with Mom & Dad last week. Mom had to get her stitches out (broken wrist/surgery) and they took everything off and put a brace on her arm. Thankful she is healing well!!

We shopped and ate (including lunch at Panera). We made a night out of it and had a great time!!

Dad hates pausing for pics!! 

Eating is his mission!:O)

I've been waiting all year for this: Autumn Squash Soup + Roasted Turkey, Apple, Cheddar, & Arugula on Cranberry Walnut Bread. And how have I never tried a Bear Claw????

The next day, I had my wisdom teeth consult and found out (a) only one needs to be removed (b) it will have to be done in the hospital (c) they aren't planning on doing it until after Christmas and (d) there are complications! I have a cyst that is in between the impacted wisdom tooth and my jaw tooth that they want to get a better look at. I have a CT scan on 11/03, so trying not to stress until they get a better look. They told me not to worry...but.

{in the kitchen}

making this for dinner today (+ adding a little shrimp)

One Pot Creamy Garlic Pasta | Easy vegan fettuccine alfredo-style pasta dish that all cooks together in one pot.:

{in my backyard}

(actually on my front step)

***want to add a monogram to the wreath!! 

{a favorite quote this week}

So true!! :
sad....but true! :O(

{from the board room - Pinterest}

Had this Pumpkin Dip at Nora's shower is YUMMY!!!! :O)

If you’re looking for an outstanding and easy to throw together dip perfect for Fall gatherings, check out this awesome pumpkin pie dip that calls for just three main ingredients! If you only make one pumpkin spice recipe this year, this should be it! This fluffy, creamy and perfectly sweet dip makes a delicious snack and/or dessert.

{one of my favorite things}

Rae Dunn Pottery...
especially this Trick or Treat tray that Wanda gave me last year!!

Magenta By Rae Dunn Halloween Black TRICK OR TREAT Serving Tray Ceramic Plate…:

my calendar....


10/01 Last night B&B :O)
10/3-10/5 visit Lindsey & Kamry
10/05 crew change
10/08 TR & S wedding
10/14 Nora's shower
10/15-10/17 babysit & pumpkin patch
10/18 crew change
10/19 overnight w/Mom & Dad (Mom stitches out)
10/20 wisdom teeth consult
10/22- Kamry 6 months
7 days - 10/31 Halloween

9 days - 11/02 crew change!
10 days - 11/03 CT scan (wisdom teeth probs!!)
17 days - 11/10 "early" Thanksgiving
22 days - 11/15 crew change
23 days - 11/16-17 Mother/Daughter get-away
25 days - 11/18 Bazaar 
29 days - 11/22 Kamry 7 months
 31 days - 11/24 Thanksgiving
37 days - 11/30 crew change


 62 days - 12/25 Christmas

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