Sunday, July 20, 2014

weekend in maryland {ocean city}

We slept in on Saturday morning {we never sleep in} and after a leisurely breakfast, we hit the road. Today's destination: Ocean City, M..D.
The traffic was ridiculous!!!!!

Going 4.3 mph in a 55.....We did this for miles! Peter finally took a detour, which brought us through Delaware and on down to Salisbury. We stopped there long enough for Peter to get a haircut, and me to buy a couple of shirts and some flip flops. I wanted this trip to be fun and relaxing, and didn't plan to spend too much time in the mall or even worse, Wal-Mart.

Back on the road, we started talking about the rest of our day. It was now 2:00, so we decided to find a good restaurant in O.C. for a late lunch. I suggested Harpoon Hanna's, I had heard it was good, plus we were all about trying new things this weekend.
It was a gorgeous day to eat on the deck!

The atmosphere here is awesome, and the food was even better. 
I got the bacon wrapped scallops and lobster bisque and Peter got the Big Tuna
 {tuna steak topped with crab imperial}. 

We weren't in any hurry, we just sat and talked and enjoyed the view.

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