Friday, September 20, 2013

Baltimore Aquarium & Inner Harbor

We had an awesome day in Baltimore last week, starting the day off at Inner Harbor and some time at the aquarium. We had originally planned to just do the game later that night, but Lindsey suggested going to the aquarium too. You can't go to Baltimore and not check out Inner Harbor! What a fun day!

Peter, Logan, & I had ever been to the aquarium. We really enjoyed it! The dolphins were a favorite!

L & L
Next up, LUNCH! And most importantly, where to eat lunch?? I think we made a great choice....

my lunch! YUM!
Neither of us were disappointed! I got the chicken fajita {{{best I've ever had!!}}}
I had wanted to try The Cheesecake Factory, but I was happy with our choice. Now it was time to find the truck and head to Camden Yards!!! {but not before getting a few more pics....what a gorgeous day!!}
Peter, Logan, Lindsey, & Cathy {Lindsey's Mom}
as close as we got to this restaurant....sorry Logan, maybe next time....LOL!

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