Monday, September 9, 2013

weekend catch-up

What an awesome weekend! The weather was amazing. We had a big group of kayakers {16 to be exact} Friday and Saturday night, so I had a pretty easy weekend at the b&b {although there was plenty to do after they checked out yesterday!}

Normally, Saturdays are a busy day for me, but I only had towels & trash to do, so I went in for an hour or so, then had the rest of the day off. We talked about grilling for dinner, but I decided to cook up a pot of stewed chicken & dumplings instead. YUM!! After dinner, we went out on the boat for a few hours. It was such a gorgeous evening on the water!!

The sky was amazing!!!


more birds.....

We passed by an island that had goats roaming around, and we got close enough to get a few pictures.

Peter stopped a few times to try his luck at fishing, but we didn't catch anything.....{can this count as the fishing trip on our Summer List???}. Maybe we'll just have to try again another day!

I love the weather this time of year. It's still nice enough to be outside, but it isn't scorching hot. It's looking like the weather is going to stay this way for awhile, hopefully, at least until after the ballgame tomorrow night! :O) Soooo excited to have a couple of days off from work. We'll be meeting up with Logan & Lindsey in the morning, then heading to Baltimore for the day at Inner Harbor, then the Orioles-Yankees game tomorrow night. :O) :O) Go O's!!!!

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