Wednesday, May 15, 2013

30 Day Blog Challenge: Seasons

We all have our favorite seasons. While some dream of a snowy winter, others love those hot summer days. As I get older, I've learned to enjoy all four seasons and what they each have to offer, but my most favorite season is FALL.  I have many reasons why this is my favorite time of year, here are just a few.....
One thing I love about fall is the temperature. After a long, hot summer, the cooler weather is much more enjoyable. I love the warm, pleasant days, and the chilly nights. It's the perfect weather for me. Then, there's the beautiful fall colors. I love decorating with pumpkins, mums and all the pretty fall decorations. I love Halloween and especially, Thanksgiving. Another thing I love about fall, FOOTBALL! We love watching football, and hopefully, we'll get to another game this fall! Go Bears!!  And last, but not least, it is the end of a long, busy season at the b&b. It's when I get to become a SAHM again until next spring. I really, really love fall! :O)

WINTER: One of favorite things about winter {aside from Christmas}, is the coziness of our home. I love being home. I love being on my own schedule {or no schedule}. I love to cook, and I love having the time to spend in the kitchen. I love chilly evenings curled up on the couch, watching a movie.

SUMMER: Summer is not my favorite season. It's just so busy, and the hot weather can get the best of me. What I do love about summer: being on or near the water, whether it be out in the boat, fishing, kayaking, or going to the beach. I love the water!

SPRING: My favorite part of spring are all the beautiful flowers. After a dreary winter, the blooming flowers and trees really perk things up!

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