Friday, September 21, 2012

remembering someone very special

20 years ago, Sept 20th 1992, Peter was at a Nascar race in Dover, DE with some friends, and Logan and I were in church. What started as a normal day, would turn into a tragic one before it ended. As I was coming out of church that morning, I heard the shocking news that Peter's Dad had died suddenly out on his boat. There were no cell phones, so I knew I couldn't get in touch with Peter right away. It would be a few hours before a friend of ours finally got in touch with her husband who was at the race with Peter. Peter's day turned from a day of fun with friends to an unbelievable change of events of the worse kind. I can't even imagine the long drive home, what I do remember was seeing the most helpless feeling on his face when he walked in the house that night. Logan had just turned four a few week's before his Pop-Pop's death, but they had developed a very strong bond in just four short years, they were buddies. Logan talks often about not getting to know him, he would have loved to have had more time with him, listening to his stories and learning more about him. Nathan never knew him, and that is sad. It's always sad when you don't get a chance to know someone who should have been a very important person in your life. I often think about my Mom, who was only 13 when she lost her Dad, it just isn't fair to be so young, and lose someone in your life that you love so much who should always be there. Logan came home yesterday for a few hours, just to visit his Pop-Pop's grave and put some flowers in the urns. It meant alot to his Mom-Mom and made a hard day a little easier. We also got to finally give him his birthday gift, and hang out and just talk, something we rarely get the chance to do anymore. I called for Nathan to come home from school a little early so he could spend some time with his Bub. Their Pop-Pop would be so proud of them!
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