Monday, September 10, 2012

misc monday-sept 10

  • it's hard to believe that a third of September has passed already! Nathan seems to be settling in quickly with school this year {I guess knowing it's his last year just might be the reason!}. Today finally felt like FALL!!! I've had the windows open all day and it feels great! I had planned on getting some of my fall decorations from the attic, but ended up being busier today than I thought. I did manage to take down all the summer things from the mantel. Maybe tomorrow!?
  • yesterday, other than work for me, our day consisted of football, football, and oh! The Bears played an awesome game against the Colts, winning the game 41-21!! :O) Hope they look that good all year....they play the Packers on Thursday......
  • our bucket list challenge is complete.....we finally managed to check the last two items off of our Summer Bucket List - go to a ballgame and movie night. I had no idea when I put the list up that we would end up doing all of it. I asked Nathan the other day what he remembered us doing together last summer, and his list was short {and vague}. Sad but true! Having this list seemed to make us more aware of how fast the summer passes, and how little we seem to do together, even if it is something as simple as making rootbeer floats {which, btw, was a favorite from the list!}. I really didn't expect them to go along with this, but I know they have enjoyed it as much as I have!!! We knew going to a ballgame was going to be one of the last items to be done, since their tickets were for Sept 8. We had pretty much done everything else, except for having a movie night. I had intended it to be a "family" movie night, but we couldn't seem to pick a movie, or a night that worked for the three of us, so Saturday night, while they were away, I ordered a movie and had solo movie night, which I enjoyed. Then, I realized last night that we had the movie for another night, so I asked Peter to watch it with me, and he did! He liked it too. :O)
  • mom dropped off my shoebox today for Operation Christmas Child, we plan to fill one again this year. Even though I'm aware of the hardships others have, that shoebox is such a touching reminder to me of how real those hardships really are. I'll start picking up things for our box, we have until the middle of November to fill it.
  • this week doesn't look too busy, nothing really out of the ordinary on the schedule. My days at work are winding down, but we still have lots of guests on the books. I like being staying busy, it makes winding the season down much more interesting!

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Vicki @ lifeinmyemptynest said...

Sounds like you had a fun summer :-)
I am watching baseball now (Tigers) and it makes me want to pull my hair out!

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