Friday, September 21, 2012

Blooming Morning Glories

During the summer months, I am so preoccupied with getting the job done, that sometimes I fail to take a little time out of my day to enjoy the little things. Over the past few weeks, as I've been walking to work each morning {one of the "little things" in my day that I love}, I've noticed a vine growing on my neighbors fence. One morning, as I passed by, I saw that it was blooming, with beautiful blue morning glories. When I came back home later that day, I passed right by the vine without paying much attention. The next morning, as I went to work again, the bright blue blooms were there once again. I made sure to pay special attention to the vine as I returned later in the day. The blooms were gone again, there were only shriveled up petals. Each morning, the blooms become more abundant and the petals keep getting brighter and bluer. I find this flower to be so fascinating!! Once again, it's the little things in my day, like blooming morning glories, that bring me much happiness! :O)


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Anonymous said...

Such delicate and beautiful blooms! Thanks for sharing these delightful photos.

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