Saturday, August 4, 2012

hotel deal

I work in the hotel industry, so I fully understand how it all works. Summer is high season, so I don't expect to book a room at a great hotel on a weekend for a cheap price...not even Price Line worked for me this time. I tried everything I could think of to find a decent rate, but it just wasn't happening. Now, while I love to stay at "nice" hotels, I do not like paying big $$$$ to do so. I'm very funny about that, I "have" to get a deal! After I had exhausted all of my possibilities, I was ready to break down and just book something. We had decided that we were going away for the weekend of the 11th, so I knew I needed to book asap.
Then, I remembered I had signed up for Hilton Honors Rewards awhile back, but had never really looked into what the benefits were. I was happy to learn that you earn points for each stay at any Hilton hotel {we normally stay at Hampton Inn}, and once you rack up the points, you can redeem for a night's stay. Hmmmmm....

I logged onto the website and typed in the night we wanted to stay and I found a hotel in the area with an availability....the rate=$156.00 + tax.......ouch! I typed in my rewards info but I didn't quite have enough can buy the amount of points you need. :O)

My hotel deal score: I had to pay a total of........................ $66.16
:O) :O) :O) :O) One happy girl!!! And, the hotel I booked is a relatively new Hampton Inn & Suites!
This time next week, we should be on our little mid-summer getaway....I can hardly wait!

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cheri said...

Wow, good work. I am the same and try, where possible, to get a good deal. As somebody who visits the BBC Proms in London every summer I am not impressed that the Olympics means my usual good deal shopping is non existent this summer. Still it is only one every 60 years if we are lucky.
Like the tip of buying the rewards, must look into that. Off to investigate. Thanks

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