Monday, August 27, 2012

fun in the 2

more fun in the sun.....and some rain too
 We took a break from the rides, and once we found Peter, we took a ride down the boardwalk on the tram. Now, I've been going to O.C. for a long time, but I don't remember taking the leisurely ride on the tram. The four of us started out together, but a few blocks down, Nathan and Kayla bailed to do some shopping {Nathan later told me he thinks the tram ride is for "old people"}. :O)
Teenager-free, we resumed our peaceful ride, taking in all the sights {and let me tell you there are some sights!}. It was fun seeing the shops and beach from a different perspective. My thoughts on the tram and relaxing!!
I've always loved the sand sculptures....these were a bit weathered by the rain though.
One of my favorite sights....all the kites in front of my favorite store.....
Time to turn around and head back. Once back at the station, we met up with Nathan & Kayla, and rode a few more rides. The skies were beginning to look threatening, but we kept going just the same. We split up to do some shopping, Peter bought his usual M.R. Ducks shirt, but it took me a little longer to find a shirt I wanted.
Great store, but I didn't end up finding anything....either wrong size or wrong color...I did later buy 2 O.C. t-shirts that I liked before we left. We all met up again, and Kayla and I decided to ride the Freak-Out before we had to leave. This is my favorite ride in O.C.........
I took this picture of the Freak-Out from the car as we were leaving......this ride is so much fun!!!!!
A quick stop at Dolles to stock up on popcorn and taffy before hitting the road.

By the time we found the SUV, it was really getting nasty.
We were now ready for some food and we decided to get dinner at Hoopers Crab House.

We had a great dinner here with the boys a few years ago, so we decided to eat here again tonight. Of course, it was busy, but after only a 20 minute wait we were seated. We got a booth by the window with a great view. Dinner was delicious-Nathan ordered his very first lobster, which he was thrilled with! After dinner, the rain had stopped, but we decided to head to the hotel anyway. Nathan and Kayla wanted to get in the pool, and Peter wanted to make a quick trip to Walmart. I opted to take a shower and crawl in bed for the night! It was a fun day and we managed to get in most of the things we wanted to do. I had some ideas for the next day that I hoped the rest of the group would interested in..........maybe!?

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